Summer Sing, Dance & Learn Music!  Thursdays @1:30PM EST

Summer Sing, Dance & Learn Music! Thursdays @1:30PM EST

Gather Sing Dance -GSD Music
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Join us this summer for 4 sessions of Singing and Movement is Fun! Classes will begin on Thursday, July 21st, 2022!  Class will be open 5 minutes before and after, to provide opportunities for kiddos to encourage and socialize with each other.

Kiddos will enjoy creative ways to learn about music, dance their sillies out, sing from their hearts and practice their social skills, just to name a few.

Most importantly, we at Gather Sing Dance, create a safe place for kiddos to express themselves, tap into their creativity and encourage each other. We want every child to feel they are unique in their own special way, because they are.

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