How It Works

Our classes are through zoom, easy as 1,2,3 to make your life easier

1. Order the class you would like to join.

2. Respond to your order confirmation email with the date a time that you would like to join, name & age of child and your congregation.

3. I'll send you a zoom ID and password, for subscriptions the same ID and password will be used each time for easy logins:)

That's it! Time to relax while your kids get to learn about music while having fun!

Please feel free to reach us at if you need any help.

Here are the class times for the Summer Schedule beginning July 7th for Virtual Summer Camp and the 15th for Virtual Group Piano Class

Summer Schedule Virtual Summer Camp


Ages 4-8 -1:00pm EST

Ages 4-8 - 2:30pm EST


Tweens/Teens- 3:45pm EST


Ages 4-8- 1:00pm EST

Summer Schedule Virtual Group Piano Class


Ages 4-8 -1:00pm EST

Tweens/Teens- 2:30pm EST

Can't wait to gather, sing and dance with you kiddos!